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Kuchi and Pashtoon tribal people are extremely traditional and conservative. Many of the women are never seen by men outside their own family. They most often cover their heads and faces with veils while in any areas where they might be seen by others. When a tribal man approaches another's home or terrace they are required to make their presence known so that the women of the family may remove themselves from the immediate area.

Kuchi women spend most of their lives confined to the boundaries of their households. They live simple lives with a few necessary household items. Women are responsible for taking care of the home and raising the children while the men earn a living through various outside employment, or raising animals. Their lives would probably be described as very difficult by any western standard.

While things have changed somewhat with more urban peoples, the rural tribal women usually do not have decision making authority within the family and live their lives much as women before them have done.

Kuchi women have long worn large amounts of jewelry and other colorful jingling finery. One theory suggests that jewelry and other adornment creates a sense of beauty and refinement in otherwise drab surroundings.

At this time, the future of Afghanistan is uncertain. women especially have a difficult time knowing what the future holds for them. For more information on Afghani women, please select from the links below.




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There is also a book available called "Forsaken: Afghan Women" by Canadian photographer Lana Šlezic and available from Powerhouse Books through Amazon.com.

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