The Red Camel's Annual

August 17 through August 19, 2009

The Red Camel will be holding its annual "Make an Offer" event starting Monday, August 17 and ending on August 19, 2009. For those three days you can contact me to make an offer on ANY item available for sale on the web site. Yes, that's right, ANY ITEM!

Here are the specifics:

All REASONABLE offers will be accepted (the key here is "reasonable"). There are only three (teensy) caveats to this sale:

1) No other discounts will apply to the sale of these items
2) The Red Camel reserves the right to refuse any offer, and
3) Make-an-offer event applies only to retail sales, wholesale sales are not included.

There is no minimum purchase requirement. As long as the offer is within a reasonable price range, the item(s) can be yours!

To make an offer: Email me with the following:


Send emails to:

Offers that are not within a reasonable price range for the item will not be accepted, but you are always free to make another offer!

All offers will be accepted on a first-to-request basis.
To be sure that the items go to the first person who makes an offer, all offers must be made by email so there is a record of the time and date received. NO OFFERS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY PHONE.

Once The Red Camel has accepted your offer, you have 24 hours to pay for your items. Afer 24 hours offers will expire and unpaid sale items will be returned to active stock and will be eligible for sale to another customer.

This Make-An-Offer event will begin at midnight on Monday August 17 US Central Time and end promptly at midnight on August 19, 2009 US Central Time. Offers received before or after this time WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Remember, this sale is available only to enewsletter subscribers and a few other valued customers, so be sure to add these dates to your calendar! Now might be a good time to grab some of those more expensive items you've been eyeing...

If you need additional information about the message contained on this page,
please email me at

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