September/October 2011 eNewsletter


I always loved dancing at fall festivals
There's something special about dancing outdoors in the beautiful fall weather under canopies of red, orange and gold leaves. I'm sure many of you are busy with this very thing right now! The Red Camel can help polish your look with lots of great tribal jewelry. Whether you're looking for traditional Kuchi at affordable prices or that rare Moroccan piece, check with The Red Camel for all your tribal jewelry and textile needs!

I hope you are enjoying your fall and have lots of fun plans to look forward to. And thanks for being an eNewsletter subscriber!
The Red Camel

P.S.: Sorry for the late release of this eNewsletter, things have been a bit crazy lately!




I've created a blog to keep an archive of all the little bits of info that I have collected and written about in various places. Just seemed a good idea to consolidate. I'll add more as I write additional items or can upload past notes. See the first entries

TribOriginal Added to my Vending Schedule~
TribOriginal was on this year's vending schedule. What could be better than a dance and music camp under the cover of October skies? It was a great experience and I hope you have a chance to go sometime, I think you'd really like it!

Imports from Yemen~
My contact in Yemen has recently relocated to Saudi Arabia because of the unrest in the area and is having a hard time getting things out of the country. He assures me however that things should settle down and inshallah I'll be offering lovely items from this area again soon!

Red Camel Bra & Belt Workshop~

I'll be presenting a basic bra and belt construction workshop on November 19 in Muncie Indiana. If you'd like more info, please visit the workshop Facebook Page!



This month's eNewsletter coupon is for 10% off of all regularly priced earrings. This includes all large gauge and regular/western gauge earrings.
Check out the Earrings section for the latest selection.

Use coupon code EARB543 now through the end of October. (Please note that discount lots and sale items are not included.)




Ever wanted to know what happens to the items you thought you had in your cart and now don't seem to be there? Or what about that choker you had bookmarked and now when you click instead of going to the item detail page you're taken to the home page instead?

Usually if you can't access an item's page it means that the item has been sold. Once something has been purchased, that itemis no longer visible on the web site. This happens immediately upon the order being placed. (An order is 'placed' once the payment info has been entered and the 'submit order' button is clicked.) This is the main reason an item would be missing from the site.

One exception to this might be if I have taken the item off the site temporarily to check on its status or to take it with me to a vending event. In these cases, the item will return to the site once I've made sure detailed information is correct or it is returned to stock upon my return from vending events. Your bookmark or cart link should then work again.

If you have any questiosn about using the web site or how to order, please email me at




I currently have lots of Kuchi pendants in stock. All shapes and sizes are already listed on the web site and more will be coming very soon. I also have a good selection of Turkoman style triangle pendants to choose from.

If you're looking for something special, send an email to me at to see what's in stock but not yet listed that might fit your needs.




These little necklaces are such a great deal especially for those just starting out with costuming. Not only can they be used as necklaces, headpieces and upper arm adornment, but they can be cut apart and used anywhere on your costume, or take the coins and pendants off for stringing on necklaces, keychains or adding to your costume just about anywhere!

I found another supplier for Kuchi items who made me a great deal on these Kuchi black cord necklaces. I've listed a lot of them on the web site already in the Small Necklaces category and have more in stock that are not listed. These are offered at a great new low price. Many at $16, $14 and even $12. Check them out today! (Even more of these are in stock that are not listed on the web site. Call or email for what's available!) A lot of bang for your buck!



So what's the deal with those Kuchi belts that have all the beading, buttons, chain fringe and other stuff on them? Where do they come from and who makes them?

These beautiful pieces were origially made from sleeve panels of Kuchi dresses. That was the reason that they were sometimes too short to really be used as belts.
Because there were usually a matched set of sleeves, I sometimes would receive two belts that were alike. That doesn't happen so much any more since most of the older pieces are gone now. The belts that come in these days are usually new and put together from a combination of new and old pieces and are made specifically to sell as belts. Although the pieces I get now are newly made, that doesn't mean that they aren't just as beautiful as the old pieces. The tribal craftswomen who assemble these are the same craftswomen (or their daughters or granddaughters) who made those beautiful sleeves!




November 11, 12 & 13
Tribal Dreams Festival
Lincoln, NE

November 19
Red Camel Bra and Belt Workshop
Part of Les Folies Intoxique Weekend!
Muncie, IN

January 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2012
3rd Coast Tribal
Ft. Worth, TX

February 23, 24, 25 & 26, 2012
Decatur, GA

DON'T FORGET! Orders over $175 qualify for the 15% troupe discount. Get your dance friends together to place your order and enjoy some great savings. Choose from almost anything on the web site, including do-it-yourself items and most textiles. (Sale and certain specialty items not eligible.) This discount is available at all times for qualifying order amounts. Please email me for details.

IN THE ST. LOUIS AREA OR COMING SOON? If you're going to be in the St. Louis area, let me know and I'll be happy to arrange a time for you to stop by the office to see all my wonderful tribal goodies at one time! I try to keep normal office hours as much as possible and am availalbe to meet with you at other times that are mutually convenient. Check hours and appointment times for available days.

VENDING - The Red Camel is available to vend at your event! I am usually available to vend throughout the Midwest region. If you are outside the Midwest region, contact me and we can talk about bringing The Red Camel to you! For all vending inquiries, please contact me by email and I'll get you on the calendar.


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